Erica Daking is co-founder of All-Mighty, a Boston Terrier themed accessories and clothing company with a bit of an edge. Her partner-in-crime (and the company’s namesake), Mighty. Dog Milk got The Scoop on Mighty…

Name? Mighty

Nicknames? Piglet, Miggles, Maubert (moe-bear), Mikey, pooh-bear, the list goes on and on.

Age? 9

Breed? Boston Terrier

What?s ?The Scoop?? We found Mighty in the newspaper. I still regret not taking his brother home to live with us, too.

Favorite toy? Panda, Polar Bear & Gorilla (just an arm left)

Favorite food? Peanut butter. It makes his eyes look like they?re going to pop out. I?m also in culinary school and have always cooked tons, so he gets a lot of scraps. He likes meat of all kinds.

Favorite place to sleep? The closet, on our bed, the sunny spot in the kitchen. One of my favorite things about Mighty is that you?ll find him sleeping int he funniest places. In the wrapping paper box, on a pile of laundry, on the bottom shelf of a bookcase, anywhere he can burrow and nap.

Weirdest quirk? His teeth or tongue are almost always hanging out. And he snorts like a pig always.

Pet peeves? He hates feathers. Ever since we was a puppy he has been terrified of them. Best trick? He can open doors and stand on two legs for a very long time.

Gear? The Hydrant for leash and collars. There website is They also sport some All-Mighty every now and again.

If your dog was another animal what animal would that be? A penguin. Recently we?ve been watching Pingu, a stop-motion claymated television series, because it reminds us of Mighty…and because it?s amazing.

If he was a superhero, who would be the sidekick? We always though Mighty would make a good Batman — we even made some “Mighty man” shirts that are still available on our site. Maybe Pingu could be his sidekick and they?d find sad people and give them wet kisses and snuggle them back to health.

Thanks Erica and Mighty!

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