Evie Kemp is a designer and illustrator living in Auckland, NZ and one of my favorite ‘dog people’ I’ve had the pleasure to get to know. As Evie describes it, she comes from “a dog mad family: my parents have a massive Scottish Deerhound called Teddy and a cocker spaniel called George; my sister Gina has worked full-time for the SPCA here for several years and has a gorgeous chihuahua cross called Bella; and my other sister Lily has two little rescue dogs, Poppy the poodle mix and Weta the griffon mix. Even though I have small dogs now, we’ve always had sight hounds as family pets and they are very dear to my heart. So much so, that we’ll soon be welcoming another Italian Greyhound in to our pack soon.”

Illustrating is Evie’s bread and butter but she’s taken a turn designing almost anything, including a range of cushions, occasional clothing, ceramics and more, as well as collaborating whenever she can. In fact, she has a very exciting dog-related new venture in the pipeline inspired by her two dogs, Bonnie and Pebbles. Let’s get to know them, shall we?

The Scoop: Evie Kemp, Bonnie and Pebbles

The Scoop: Evie Kemp, Bonnie and Pebbles

Names? Bonnie Marvelous and Pebbles Crazycakes

Nicknames? Bonnie has LOTS. She’ll answer to: Bonbon, Bon, Bebo, Queen B, Bebop and Trouble. Pebbles is still gaining nicknames and has: Peepee, Pebs and Piggy.

Ages? Bonnie is 5 1/2 years old, Pebbles is a full on 7 months!

The Scoop: Evie Kemp, Bonnie and Pebbles

Breeds? Bon is a super mutt! Half Silky terrier, quarter Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and quarter miniature poodle. She’s very much a terrier through and through with a passion for being a bit grumpy and barking a lot, she’s a champion swimmer though – that’s the poodle!

Pebbles is a Chihuahua probably with some Pomeranian and something but who knows? In NZ we have a type of pig called a ‘Kunekune’ (which in Maori means ‘fat & round’) and Pebbles coloring and curly tail is a lot like one of them. It’s why I call her my hyena pig dog.

The Scoop: Evie Kemp, Bonnie and Pebbles

What’s “The Scoop”? We got Bon as a puppy, my family has always had dogs but Bonnie was my first dog of my own. I was going through a bit of a hard time with depression and I hoped a dog companion would help. We chose her from a family breeder as I loved the combination of breeds and really wanted a dog with a bit of sass, she’s more sassy than I ever counted on but I love her to bits and she has helped me through so much.

Pebbles was very much unplanned. We lost our darling Italian Greyhound, Jasper, very suddenly in January at just 7 years old and we were (and still are) heartbroken. ‘Bonnie & Jasper’ were always such a constant and I never expected the band to break up so early and so traumatically. We weren’t thinking about another dog yet at all, but a random visit to a pet shop saw me meet this tiny, SUPER weird little thing with one blue eye and one brown. Jasper had been such an oddball, it seemed too fitting that the strangest little dog I had ever seen in my life was suddenly in front of me. I was very conflicted as do not agree at all with breeders that sell to pet shops and really did not want to support that industry. But at the same time, I couldn’t bear the thought of her going to another home, when I knew I could give her the best home in the world. I went back 4 days in a row and on the 4th day we brought her home. Instagram called her Pebbles!
Bon is still coming to terms with the fact that she no longer has her laid back older brother and instead has an energetic puppy following her around constantly.
My dogs inspire me and make me laugh every single day.

The Scoop: Evie Kemp, Bonnie and Pebbles

Favorite Toy? Bonnie is a tennis ball nut. She’s been playing fetch since 7 weeks old and is a bit of a pro. At home she also has a beloved cuddly toy Rottweiler called ‘Arnie’ who she has had since a puppy, she’s quite sentimental. Pebbles is obsessed with socks and always has a couple in her stash. She also has a toy monkey with crunchy arms and a squeaker that she really loves but her absolutely favorite plaything is her BFF, Eddie the cat.

Favorite Food? Raw chicken necks are a constant in this house, Bonnie also very occasionally gets some popcorn which she loves (and catches in her mouth). Pebbles will eat anything and everything, I have to stop her eating the pebbles out of my house plants.

The Scoop: Evie Kemp, Bonnie and Pebbles

Favorite place to sleep? In the bed, ALWAYS, it’s the one thing they have in common.

Pet Peeves? Bon’s major pet peeve is Pebbles, she also hates full moons and going in the car. She can’t walk under furniture (tables, chairs etc) and is really grossed out by bugs. Pebbles doesn’t have any pet peeves, she just loves everything, some times a bit too much (e.g. the cat).

The Scoop: Evie Kemp, Bonnie and Pebbles

Best Trick? I’m a terrible dog trainer so tricks are few and far between. Bon is incredibly smart and can bounce the tennis ball back to you with her nose if you want her to. Pebbles has NO tricks yet except being really cute.

Gear? We love the beautiful tags from Yabettasupadont on Etsy; I wear Jasper’s old lightening bolt tag on a chain. Bon has a rocket ship one. I’m always scouting Dog Milk for new products and accessories, I buy them more collars than I care to admit. We couldn’t be without the ‘Chuckit!’ mini ball thrower, I can’t throw to save my life and they can’t fit full size tennis balls in their mouths so this is essential. I also love that the balls are orange so far less likely to get lost in the grass.

The Scoop: Evie Kemp, Bonnie and Pebbles

If your dogs were another animal what animal would they be? Pebbles would be a piglet and Bonnie would be a human.

In a game of ‘truth or dare’, which would Bonnie and Pebbles choose and what would their truth and/or dare be? Bonnie isn’t much of a daredevil so would definitely choose truth, which is pretty shameful because the truth is Bon LOVES cat poo. When Eddie was a kitten we had to put his litter tray up high to stop Bonnie going in for a snack. She’s usually such a lady, this is her dirty secret.

Pebbles would definitely choose dare, she’s fearless. Anything from stealing as many socks as she can, cat wrestling, winding up big dogs, climbing bookcases…she’ll do it.

Thanks Evie, Bonnie, and Pebbles!

P.S. Check out some of Evie’s work we’ve featured before as well as her portfolio and online shop.