Gemma Correll is a UK-based illustrator whose work can best be described as adorable. From her Daily Diaries to her blog, her drawings always make me smile. I remember a while back hearing her mention quite frequently that she longed for a pudgy pug companion. I was so happy when she finally found her pug partner. Here’s some more info about him…

Name? His full name is Mr Norman Pickles.

Nickname? Where to start? He has so many… Pickie, Pickle, Noo, Sugarplum… that is a mere fraction of them.

Age? One year and 9 months. Or, nearly 13 in dog years… nearly a teenager. They grow up so fast.

Breed? He is a squishy little fawn Pug.

What?s ?The Scoop?? I’d been quite obsessed with pugs for some time after seeing lots of them on a trip to the US (I’m from the UK). I would check the pets for sale listings all the time for puppies, and draw pugs in my sketchbook and look at photos of pugs and accost any pugs that I saw in the street. I also made the “Pugs Not Drugs” design that is now fairly famous. I decided to print the design onto tote bags and told myself that, once I’d sold enough to be able to afford a Pug, I would buy one.

Sidenote, I know that it’s better to adopt pets than purchase them, but it is very rare to find a rescue Pug in the UK. I am signed up with the Pug rescue society in case one comes along though.

Favorite toys? A chicken flavored Nylabone, a blue rubber ball and one of Anthony’s socks which has been tied in a knot in the middle, earning it the imaginative nickname “Sock with a Knot.”

Favorite food? It’s not so much a favorite as the only one his little delicate tummy can handle – turkey and rice kibble made by Wainwright’s, with a bit of chicken, rice and vegetable wet food on top. Yum.

Favorite places to sleep? On my pillow. He’s particularly fond of waking me up by poking me repeatedly with his paw and/or licking my face. He also loves to sleep in the sun and will move around the room as the sun moves.

Weirdest quirks? He loves to lick our wet legs when we get out the shower. He also likes to lick people’s feet, which can be a little embarrassing, as he’s not terribly discriminating about whose feet he licks.

Pet peeves? He’s not fond of skateboards. I think the noise bothers him. Or maybe he just isn’t in to that particular subculture. He’s too cool for skateboarding.

Best tricks? He can do “sit,” “paw,” “high five” and “spin.” “Spin” is my favorite (he gets on his hind legs and does a couple of twirls).

Gear? He has a couple of Puppia harnesses in varying shades of manly blue. I was quite keen to jazz one up a bit with beads and sequins but Anthony won’t let me. He has a couple of jumpers, a coat and a Beantown Handmade bobble hat for winter.

If your dog was another animal what animal would that be? A monkey.

Did you start drawing pugs before or after you got Mr. Pickles? How much of an influence has he been on your work? As I mentioned earlier, he’s definitely an influence on my work. His face is so expressive and the things he does are so funny, I can’t help but doodle him constantly.

Thanks Gemma and Mr. Norman Pickles!