Designer Joe Futschik is owner of jefdesigns, where he churns out beautiful lamps, artwork, and housewares with his colorful organic patterns. His best friend, Gladys, keeps him company while he’s making his creations, and apparently spends an inordinate amount of time napping on the job! Let’s learn more about her:

Name? Gladys

Nicknames? mon petite merde

Age? Almost 7

Breed? French Bulldog

What?s ?The Scoop?? This is my second Frenchie. Both were adopted from an amazing local breeder who has since adopted me as one of her own.

Favorite toy? The purple octopus which she attacks like clockwork for 15 minutes after eating…then it’s back to her grueling nap schedule.

Favorite food? Loves, loves, loves carrots. Actually hops like a bunny when I throw them on the ground and will parade around the house with them sticking out of her mouth like a cigar.

Favorite place to sleep? Velcroed to my side with her nose buried in my armpit

Weirdest quirk? She will stand in the corner staring at what appears to be nothing for a disconcertingly long time…she’s my little dog ghost whisperer. Also, when she yawns, she sounds like one of Satan’s minions. Reactions by those who first hear it are really entertaining. I’m still occasionally startled and amazed such a loud sound can come from such a small creature.

Pet peeves? She hates the vacuum cleaner and lawn mower. Fortunately, I barely use either!

Best trick? Um, yeah…next question?

Gear? She’s currently rocking a great sweater I bought at Goodwill that was tricked out by a crafty sewing friend.

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? Pygmy water hippo, or gargoyle

Does she have any specific taste in music or television? That girl can sleep through anything.

Has Gladys been an inspiration in your work? How has she affected your life? The design/art process tends to be a solitary one and working from home intensifies that. Noticing an increasing tendency to talk out loud to myself was the first impetus to find a dog. Basically, she makes me feel less obviously crazy…

Thanks Joe and Gladys!