Jonathan Lo is the principal and founder of J3 Productions, a multidisciplinary design studio and consultancy servicing lifestyle, fashion, decor, and retail. He’s also the creator of one of my favorite design blogs called Happy Mundane. Through his blog, Jonathan celebrates good design of any kind, and takes the time to appreciate some everyday things that often go overlooked. He lives and works in Southern California with his adorable rescue named Pepe. I’m always excited to catch a glimpse of this charismatic pooch on Happy Mundane, so I was over the moon to get the full Scoop on Jonathan and Pepe.

Name? Pepé

Nicknames? Pepé Le Pew, Poopy, Boopy, Poopyhead, Poops, Boops, Poopybutt

Age? 4

Breed? Chihuhua-mix … mixed with some sort of terrier?

What’s “The Scoop”? Pepé was a shelter dog. Apparently he was found as a stray and then adopted by another family. However, there were family members that had allergic reactions to him, so they had to give him up a few weeks later. I feel lucky that I was Pepe’s second chance!

Favorite Toy? Anything with a squeaker in it, toilet paper/paper towel rolls … and he loves to tear up the cardboard cup carriers from Starbucks.

Favorite food? Chicken

Favorite place to sleep? In the bed next to me.

Weirdest quirk? When he’s at the dog park or at the dog day care center, he’ll often just stand off to the side and watch the action with one paw up, sort of like he’s waiting for his moment to jump in.

Pet peeves? He doesn’t like little kids running toward him, and he hates buzzing sounds.

Best trick? Pepé can jump through hoops!

Gear? Pepé usually sports a VestHarness and a super cool skull print leash I picked up from a local pet shop.

If your dog were another animal, would animal would that be? He’d probably be a monkey!

I admire the way you’re inspired by “the ordinary.” Are there any “ordinary” aspects about Pepe that inspire you? Whenever we’re on a walk, Pepé always stops to smell the flowers. That’s probably something we should all remember to do everyday as well!

Thanks Jonathan and Pepe!