Chicago based painter, printmaker, and entrepreneur Mollie Green is the creative mastermind behind the clever stationary brand La Familia Green. She describes her stationary aesthetic as “Mexican folk art meets Scandinavian designs meets wildlife preserve.” I love where Mollie draws her inspiration from! La Familia Green’s cards are full of laugh-out-loud charm and burst with personality. After coming across a collection of La Familia Green cards years ago, I just had to get to know the witty woman behind them. Beyond her sense of humor, I was delighted to find out that Mollie Green is also an advocate for making environmentally responsible choices, and an animal philanthropist who donates a percentage of all sales to support local no-kill animal shelters. Enjoy The Scoop on Mollie and Stickers!

Name? Stickers

Nicknames? Snugs

Age? 5 1/2 years old

Breed? Pittie-Pointer! (Pit Bull/Miller Pointer mix)

What’s “The Scoop”? I adopted Stickers in 2008 from PAWS Chicago, a wonderful no-kill and cage-free animal shelter in Chicago. She had been rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky and transferred to Chicago. I had been making regular “window-shopping” trips to PAWS for a while, but when I saw her big beautiful brown eyes sadly looking out her room’s glass door, I knew she was the one!

Favorite Toy? Steer – a plastic longhorn steer that I bought at a grocery store in my hometown, Lubbock, TX. She seems to use the squeaker to speak and fetches steer on command.

Favorite Food? Leftover cereal milk.

Favorite place to sleep? In the middle of the bed.

Pet Peeves? People riding bikes on the sidewalk.

Best Trick? High five!

Gear? Stickers wears a bandana every day. And she has quite a collection – from Marc Jacobs to Marimekko to vintage classics. She also often sports a coat or sweater or hoodie during the cold Chicago winter months. Her favorite is a blanket coat from Teca Tu in Santa Fe.

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? Hmmm…maybe a polar bear? She’s white and loves snow and water.

I’ve always admired the originality behind your work, and I imagine you derive a lot of inspiration from the people and pets around you. How does your dog influence your creative process? Aww, thanks Christine! I love when she (and my cat, Lemur) sits in my studio while I work. And I appreciate when she encourages me to go out for a walk during the day. She has appeared in many of my cards. Stickers is a great ambassador for rescue dogs and bully breeds. And she is the inspiration for the charitable side of my business. I donate a portion of every sale to a local animal charity.