When I started The Scoop column, I knew I wanted Morgan Satterfield to share more about her feisty little ones who are constantly making cameos on her house blog, The Brick House. I love her witty words, her thrifty scores, and counting how many couches she’s had in her living room, but these dogs are the superstars of the show. Check ’em out:

Names? Iggy & Bowie

Nicknames? Iggy Pup, Julius Huggleman, BoBo, Thunderfoot, Wrinklehead, Muffinbutt, Poopers, Hey You, Dog Pants, Ziggy, Rufus

Ages? 5 years & 7 months

Breeds? Chihuahua Mutt

What?s ?The Scoop?? Neighbors who didn?t understand that dogs will make even more dogs if you don?t get them fixed. Both were puppy surprises that ended up stomping all over our hearts and into our home.

Favorite toy? Anything stuffed, including my bra.

Favorite food? Crumbs from the dinner table and random bits of meat.

Favorite place to sleep? Right on top of our head or squeezed against our butt. Both dogs like to snuggle in real tight at night and everyone gets a bit tangled up.

Weirdest quirk? They?re Chihuahuas. They?re always weird.

Pet peeves? Being woken up, taking a walk, getting a bath — basically anything that requires them to do something besides sleeping and being lazy.

Best trick? Iggy has most of his basic sit, stay, and lay down stuff mastered but is too lazy and stubborn to really perform anything else. Bowie will howl on demand and run around like a maniac.

Gear? (what kind of gear do your dogs sport? i.e., dog bed brand, collar, leash brand) Oh, we are terrible dog consumerists. Most of our leashes and harnesses are weird off-brand stuff like ?PET LEASH? from the 99-cent store. I also like getting toys in the bargain bins at Target and at thrift stores since they tend to destroy them pretty quickly.

If your dogs were another animal what animal would that be? Iggy would probably be a cat and Bowie would be a drunk frat boy.

What has been your dogs’ favorite pieces of furniture? How do they adjust to your moving things around and adding new pieces?
They always enjoy the newest sofa or snuggling under the covers in the bed. Anywhere with pillows and blankets for them to burrow into is like heaven.

Thanks Morgan, Iggy, and Bowie!