Blurring the lines between design, illustration and typography, Rob Wilson’s work offers bold, creative concepts with understated thoughtfulness and wit. Rob’s illustrations and designs have been honored by Communication Arts, AIGA, The Type Director’s Club, Graphis, 3×3 Magazine, Print, HOW Magazine, The American Advertising Federation, Business Council for the Arts, Under Consideration, the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, among others.

He also recently introduced a collection of stationery called Silas Tom Paper Goods, named for his granddad. The line has been described as being “chock-full of visual wit, each card telling a story using nothing but modern graphic design—few to no words necessary.” Originally from West Texas, Rob divides his time between Dallas and Brooklyn, but there’s one constant in the mix: his four-legged sidekick Maisie. Let’s get to know the furry partner in this dynamic duo, shall we?

Rob Wilson and Maisie

Name? Maisie

Nickname? Sweet

Age? Six

Breed? White-Bearded-Ebony-Wire-Haired-Brown-Eyed-Terrier-Mix-Tail-Wagger

Rob Wilson and Maisie

What’s “The Scoop”? Maisie and I met on I had recently gone through a breakup, and decided finding a relationship online was the way to go. I’ve always loved terriers—especially black and white ones—so when we finally met at the shelter and she jumped in my arms, I knew we were destined. Her name comes from the Henry James novel, “What Maisie Knew,” which made sense given my circumstances at the time, and it has proved to fit her spirited personality very well.

Rob Wilson and Maisie

Favorite Toy? Her floppy brown bunny (though her new squeaky red frog may now have taken this honor).

Favorite Food? Broccoli

Favorite place to sleep? Stretched at length across the bed behind me while I’m at my desk.

Pet Peeves? Car rides; storms; the “pop” sounds made when I check updates on Twitter (one tweet and she’s under my desk).

Rob Wilson and Maisie

Rob Wilson and Maisie

Best Trick? She shakes, she sits. But her ability to tell time—pouncing on me in bed each day at 6:45 am—is very impressive.

Gear? Maisie loves her bright neon pink/orange collar and leash from Ware of the Dog. And for her birthday, she just received a Mark and Graham orange monogrammed name tag which matches her stylish collar.

Rob Wilson and Maisie

Rob Wilson and Maisie

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? With the beard she’s got, probably a goat.

Other bearded pups want to know: what is Maisie’s secret to maintaining such a fabulous beard? Maisie’s beard wasn’t noticeable when she was a puppy—it has achieved its full Fu Manchu growth over time. Some brushing and a wet cloth are all it takes for her to maintain luxurious hipster whiskers (no artisanal beard oil required).

Thanks Rob and Maisie!

P.S. A bunch of these photos were taken by the fabulously talented Allison V. Smith. Check out her gorgeous series of dog portraits, too!