Editor’s Note: The Scoop is a new monthly column here on Dog Milk where we talk to a designer, artist or other design enthusiast about their dog(s).

Victoria Smith is a San Francisco-based blogger extraordinaire whose talent for cultivating inspiration can be seen daily on her blog sfgirlbybay. As someone who has followed Victoria’s stream of beautiful posts and enjoyed reading her personal anecdotes for years, I was so excited for Victoria when she recently announced she had found her newest companion, a rescue dog she named Lucy. Since then, Lucy’s stunning photos have been popping up all over the web and she most recently landed a modeling gig over at Kiss My Mutt. Talk about Wags to Riches!

Name? Lucy

Nicknames? LuLu, McGillicuddy (as in I Love Lucy’s Lucy McGillicuddy), Bunny-Bear, Lucy-Goo,  Luce, Bella Lulu, and Muppet

Age? About 1-1/2

Breed? Mutt — some kind of Tibetan Terrier mix, and maybe some English Sheepdog

What?s ?The Scoop?? I’d been checking out rescue pups everywhere online, the SPCAAnimal ControlPetfinders, when I saw her on Facebook. The Northern California Family Dog Rescue pictured her, and I emailed them right away. She was adorable, and had these beautiful blue eyes, but looked scruffy, too. I liked that about her. Lucy was found on the streets as a stray in Kern County and was rescued by the NCFDR from Kern County Animal Control before being put down. Just in time! They said she may have been a puppy mill dog (and, she’s had puppies herself!).

She was already being by the NCFDR for another potential adopter, but I went out to meet her and another dog anyway. I walked the other dog, but we didn’t really bond. When we got back, the woman who was coming to get Lucy was late and hadn’t arrived yet, so Angela, who runs NCFDR called her, and the woman said her dog had only passed away three weeks prior, so she wasn’t certain she was ready to adopt again so soon. So she said I could have her. I was so happy… it just seemed meant to be. I took her home that day.

Favorite toy? She likes her Sophie the Giraffe. Yes, I bought her a baby toy.

Favorite food? Stella & Chewy’s treats. It’s like doggie crack.

Favorite place to sleep? She likes to crawl up in a corner of the dining room where it’s cool and dark.

Weirdest quirk? In the morning she comes up on the bed, and does what I call “muppet speak” — she just opens her mouth really wide over and over like to say something, but nothing comes out. And then she nuzzles me and wiggles her butt around towards her head, like a contortionist, and waits to be scratched. It never fails to crack me up. A good way to start the day.

Pet peeves? Baths. Lucy likes to get, and stay as dirty as possible. She hates baths. Can’t take the streets out of the girl.

Best trick? Hmmm, we’ve only been together 8 weeks, so she doesn’t really know any tricks yet. I did teach her to sit and to fetch, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.

Favorite gear? She sleeps on a Kiss My Mutt bed, wears a Mimi Green collar, and we use a Earth Dog hemp leash with an Alite Boa Pod (for stashing poop bags and treat money). We get our gear at Hazel & Gerties in the Mission (San Francisco).

If Lucy were another animal, which animal would she be? A gazelle. She’s really graceful when she runs, and she’s fast!

What is your favorite dog-friendly hangout spot in San Francisco? We go to the Noe Valley Courts & Playground every morning and every evening, unless we go to the beaches at Fort Funston or Crissy Field.

Thanks Victoria and Lucy!

First and last photos by Kiss My Mutt.