Zoe Turton and Erik Dolqueist are 20/20 Visual, a multidisciplinary design company based in Alameda, CA. Balancing is their specialty — they balance their small size while maintaining the functions of a full-service agency and in their projects, they look for a perfect balance between ideas and design. We believe that great ideas and good strategy lie at the base of a successful project. Erik runs the company and Zoe helps part time as a graphic designer while also working as a pediatric intensive care nurse. She’s even an avid food blogger at Bite This. Their workaholic personalities were a perfect fit for their dog Sherpa, who — like our past Scoopers — does some modeling and even runs a few of his own websites.

Name? Well, originally he was “Skeeter” from the shelter. It didn’t suit him very well. Khali was suggested as it means “free” in Hindi, and he’s a rescue pup. Then, when we (Erik and Zoe) met, we had a laugh about wishing we could strap stuff to his back so he could carry it around for us. Hence, “The Sherpa.”

Nicknames? Sherp, Cherpa, Bronco, Chief, Frijoles Negros, The Beast, Lord Chamberlain, Reverend Al Sherpton, El Diablo, Porkchop, Black Dynamite, Pimp Juice

Age? 5 years

Breed? Pit Bull Terrier mix

What?s ?The Scoop?? Well there’s two parts to the story. Sherpa was adopted in October 2006 from the SPCA in San Diego when Zoe moved there for work. He was a year old when she adopted him, and was in pretty rough shape. After some serious loving and training, Zoe and Sherpa headed on a new adventure to San Francisco a year later. In 2008, she met Erik, and was no longer a single “mom.” Sherp had finally found a dad.

Favorite toy? Anything he can rip the squeaker out of. Currently it’s a big black and orange striped Eel by Tuffy, or, as we call it, his Unagi.

Favorite food? That’s a tough one. He doesn’t particularly like vegetables or fruit. But he’ll smell any meat or cheese from a mile away.

Favorite place to sleep? He has a red fleece blanket he drags with him wherever he goes. He’s gone through a lot of dog beds, but his bed from Bow Wow Beds is the closest thing to bulletproof that we’ve found (even though now it looks like its been attacked by a school of Piranha — it’s still standing strong).

Weirdest quirk? Instead of barking, he shakes his bed or blanket with mad fury like a Tasmanian devil.

Pet peeves? Absolutely HATES having his feet touched. And goes nuts when you blow through a wrapping paper tube, or change the temperature (beep) of the Crockpot.

Best trick? Disappearing into thin air.

Gear? Sherpa is the model for Roverdog8 Productions, which is an amazing Canadian company that makes gorgeous leashes and collars. He is featured in Modern Dog Magazine on a regular basis. So, he’s got a mighty fine collection of collars. He wears a green raincoat from Teckelklub that makes him look like an aggressive grasshopper (think A Bug’s Life). He also has the dreaded Blue Bone from Planet Dog that mysteriously finds its way under Erik’s feet on a regular basis.

If your dog were another animal what animal would that be? A laughing hyena, or a bucking bronco.

If Sherpa were to design his own logo, what would it look like? Well, he actually has his own logo (above) and his own wine stamp. He has a blog named after him too… www.okaysherpa.com and Sherpa will be launching his own Tumblr site (all about him) this year.

Thanks Zoe, Erik, and Sherpa!