Editor’s Note: We’re excited about our new art column The Scratchbook! Each month we’ll be featuring an exclusive dog-themed illustration done by one of our favorite artists. Enjoy!

I’m super, super thrilled to kick off our second month of The Scratchbook with one of my favorite illustrators ever: Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead. I’ve been a huge admirer of Jo’s work for many years and am beyond excited to have her as our February Scratchbook artist. And, since February is the month of  hearts and candy and ooey-gooey confessions of love, it’s only appropriate to feature some of Dog Milk’s “canine couples”!

Rumor has it, Smash and Coco Bean of Chic Sprinkles have had an on-going relationship for some time. It comes as no surprise, then, that they would choose February, the month of love, to publicly address these rumors — and ignite renewed interest in their fiery love affair. But, will the flames of passion burn eternal? Only time will tell.

The Scratchbook: Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead

Wrigley had long kept his feelings for Dee of Diesel & Juice hidden, but a recent near-death experience opened his eyes to the fragility of life — and the need to express his true feelings. This sudden urgency resulted in an intensely emotional staring contest with the object of his love, and a chance to confess the truths of his heart. His courage was met with reward, as Dee confessed mutual feelings of affection. The stars of romance had finally aligned for our hero!

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