Thwap is a cute dog shop that makes vintage neckwear for the modern dog. How very vintage-modern of them! Based in San Francisco, CA, shop owner Jeannine Giordan hand makes each piece using only the coolest pre-owned men’s neckties. She also uses the cutest doggy models in the area. Anyone recognize that large, bright-eyed beauty above? It’s Lucy! Our very first dog profiled on The Scoop.

Fashionable and good for the planet, Thwap’s necktie collars are available in two styles, classic and button down. I can’t decide which I love more, so I guess that means I may just have to pick up both. For those of you who like to style your dog the way I do, (my dog has sort of a hipster pup thing going on), Thwap’s collection is not just a must-browse, it’s a must-buy. Each necktie collar is one of a kind, so be sure to grab your favorite before I do.