I just read a great article on ReadyMade.com about taking great pet photos for personalized greeting cards. I don’t know about you, but my dogs shy away from the camera and don’t sit still. However, after reading this article, I feel a bit more confident about being “puparazzi.”

Helpful hints form the article include:

– Using the rapid-fire setting on your camera so that you can get multiple shots. You can always go back and delete the bad ones.

– Stick some peanut butter to the roof of your pooch’s mouth to snap a photo of her licking her chops.

– Hold a treat behind the camera to get your pup’s attention off of you and the camera.

– Using a white background and minimal props will make the photo less distracting.

– When using props, experiment with scale.

– For white or light dogs, try a black background.

– Take advantage of natural sunlight.

– Don’t forget to reward your dog with that tasty treat you’re holding! If you give treats throughout the photo session, your dog is more likely to cooperate.

For more tips and how to create a greeting card, read the whole article on ReadyMade.

Top photo by Anna Wolf.