The following post is brought to you by blanket ID. We’re very paw-ticular about our partners and only feature those we think are top dog.

In the nightmare situation where your furry friend is lost – or even worse – stolen, it’s so important to act quickly. When you store vital information and a photo of your pet at blanket ID, you can send that information in an immediate ‘Missing Pet’ broadcast to local shelters, animal hospitals, rescues, SPCA locations, and other blanket ID members in your area. You can also print your own lost/stolen pet posters and, when your pet is notified as found using a smartphone, you can receive a GPS map and driving instructions to that location.

Great for travelling with your best friend, these tags always look great and you can change your details at any time for free so that your information is never out of date. Currently, every blanket ID tag sold raises money for the Blanket Fund for Animals, but now you can choose your own rescue to receive donations from your membership. Now, every year you’ll be giving back to a rescue close to your heart — how cool is that? (Looking good in the park is just a bonus!)

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