I’m really drawn to these event posters from The Underdog Club — printed in black and white on newsprint, they have a vintage feel and feature that awesome logo graphic. But what really touches my heart about these posters is the truly awesome organization their sales support — a group dedicated to helping out the most “unadoptable” of dogs: “the old, the ugly, and the unpopular.”

The Underdog Club works with shelters and rescues in the greater Montreal area to hype those dogs that maybe don’t get too many second looks by prospective adopters, maybe because they’re a little older, or a little funny looking, or have special needs. Through the work of The Underdog Club, these pups (who, as we all know, make wonderful companions) receive the extra attention they need to find forever homes.

The Underdog Club Gallery posters are available online through vintage poster gallery L’Affichiste. You can learn more about The Underdog Club at their website.