Melissa Rivera is a young industrial designer living and working in Hawaii under the name Unleash Studio. She is also a dog lover and has created a series of adorable pup-inspired designs. The descriptions below are from the designer.

Luz Lamp
My favorite little dog in the world is a little terrier named Luz. Luz means ?Light? in Spanish and she is the inspiration for this lamp. Luz just came back from the vet and that is why she has a lampshade thing around her head. She?s a bit of a rascal, and I promise she will lighten up your day. Luz likes to eat lots of treats and store them in her small belly. You can pull her tail and see what I mean.

Lightbox Terrier
This little white dog comes from a very rare breed of dog known as Lightbox Terrier. He is fun because he will let you play with him and won?t ever bite. You can even draw on him! Yes, his fierce teeth may fool you, but you will see that once you start playing with him and tracing things on his back, you will brighten up his heart. This dog loves when kids learn about color mixing on his back and he holds things in his mouth. But no worries, he does not drool.

Bad to the Bone Bench
Unlike most boring drawing benches out there, this Dog Bench is unique in its metallic look. It allows users (adults and/or children) to express themselves freely and to unleash their imagination as they sit on it. This design contains two drawing boards made of acrylic, a roll of paper used for drawing (located inside the eyes) which scrolls through the dogs body. The bench also contains two circular drawers that are fantastic for storing colored pencils, paper clips, and drawing supplies.