Mutt Gear is the creator of the VirChewLy Indestructible Leash, the virtually chew-proof, break-proof, tangle proof leash perfect for any dog, but ideal for anxious dogs and teething puppies. Lightweight and flexible, the VirChewLy Indestructible Leash has a walk-n-lick tie-up feature to safely secure your pup to a tree or post.

VirChewLy Indestructible Leashes were created out of necessity and grief by Joslin Larson, whose Sheltie darted into the street after her partially-chewed leash broke and was struck by a car. When Joslin decided to have a dog again, she ended up with a pair of Australian Shepherd pups who, she noticed, also chewed on their leashes as her previous dog had done. To prevent the same type of tragedy, she searched high and low for the right kind of leash, but was unsatisfied. Until she entered a hardware store and discovered aircraft cables. Now, her mission is to protect dog owners from having to go through the same kind of tragedy.

VirChewLy Indestructible Leashes are guaranteed against defects in material and craftsmanship. Get one online or find a retailer.