Vonderbitch is a brand new luxury line of accessories for dogs, cats and the people who love them. Vonderbitch is for those who appreciate the finer things in life and love to spoil their best friend. The coolest part of the Vonderbitch line is that many of the products can be manipulated to be worn by the dog owners as well as fashion accessories.

Belts can be used as collar, harness, double wrap bracelets or simply belts.

Buckles are functional pieces of jewelry where a leash attaches to a collar or a harness or a belt.

Wear the cuff on your wrist as a bracelet, attach to a leash, or use as collar for cats or miniature dogs (see sizing guide and more colors available). Comes with a removable Vonderbitch Icon Charm in gold or silver:

Match your handle to the belts or to a leash or to your outfit.

Leads have a clasp at each end to let you use them folded in half (for taller dogs), hooked on a handle or on a cuff.