Way back when the internet was a little baby, when we were all still pretty amazed by email and busy making web sites like this, a little company called Pets.com was born that had ridiculously cute commercials (“If you leave me now…”) and insanely cheap and fast shipping guarantees that caused the company to sink so far in the red even Amazon couldn’t save it.

Now, a whole bunch of years later, a new pet shopping site, Wag.com, has popped up on the interwebs founded on Pets.com’s same model: a wide selection of must-have and most-wanted pet supplies, with free 1-2 day shipping for orders over $49.

Soooo… can it work? The beta site (owned by Amazon) seeks to meet the needs of pets furry, winged, scaled, and finned, and Wag.com’s Dog Shop offers everything from food to beds to toys and leashes. There’s also a sale section, and the Pampered Dog Boutique features great products from many of my favorite brands, like Jax and Bones, Planet Dog, Molly Mutt, Doca Pet, and Sleepypod. Prices seem comparable to other online shopping sites, and, of course, there’s that free shipping thing.

Mingus and Dottie need a new bed. Free shipping? Shoppy shoppy time!