Do you find your dog drinking from the sprinklers or trying to get a taste out of your garden hose?

WaterDog is a pet drinking fountain that you attach to a spout on the exterior of your home. The dispenser is automatic, so when your dog approaches, a stream of fresh water comes out of the spout. It has a sensor that knows when your dog is within a 40-degree angle in front of the unit and up to three feet. When your pet walks away,  it turns itself off. It also has a separate connector so you can still attach your water hose if you only have one spicket. The height is also adjustable.

I really like this idea. Since my dogs enjoy being outdoors often, I would consider buying one when I have a house. I can just see it now: Lulu hogs the stream of water and slobbers it all over Beans as he stands patiently below her.

Would you buy one of these for your home?