West Paw Design doesn’t introduce new toys often, but when they do, they usually hit the nail right on the head. Or the dog on the nose. (Please don’t hit your dog on the nose.) West Paw’s latest offering, Twiz, is a funky-shaped toss, tug, and chew toy that aims to make your standard game of fetch a little more interesting. Twiz flies through the air, bounces unpredictably and even floats — and you can untwist Twiz’s handles to reveal a spot to stash a secret treat surprise for your pup. Twiz is made in the good ol’ USA from recyclable materials and is nontoxic and BPA- and phthalate-free. Cherry on top? It’s dishwasher-safe and guaranteed against dog damage. See it in action in this video, and fetch it from West Paw Design.