When it comes to dogs, bandanas are the ultimate accessory. You tie one little piece of fabric around a dog’s neck, and boom, that dog’s ready for a party or for an adventure or for a job (or for gang membership, depending on the bandana’s color and placement). I wish accessorizing were that easy for humans. And now Wildebeest has taken the doggie bandana to a whole ‘nother level with their new XX Bandana Collar, a classy collar/bandana combo released just last week.

You might know Wildebeest for their awesome handmade Meadow Pet Rug. The XX Bandana Collar once again embodies Wildebeest’s dedication to aesthetics and functionality: two-sided, reversible, interchangeable cotton bandanas attach via metal sliders to a webbed polypropylene collar complete with D-ring and Wildebeest tag. Wildebeest has kicked off the XX Bandana Collar with the Chambray Collection, and new bandana styles to fit the XX Collar will be released every 3-4 months, allowing your pup to switch up his style all year long.

Also included in the XX collection are the coordinating XX Leash and Baggie Wrap (waste-bag holder) to complete your pup’s look.

Check out the whole collection, including videos of the XX Bandana Collar in action at Wildebeest!