The WithMe Bone is an incredible concept product by designer Yunfan Tan. Yuftan is the owner of two dogs that suffer from serious separation anxiety. After trying several methods and objects to try to reduce his dog’s anxiety, Yuftan discovered his socks with his scent worked best, and the idea for the WithMe Bone was born.

The concept is actually quite simple. The WithMe Bone acts as a vessel for your socks. The tiny holes on the bone allow for the scent from your socks to come through. With the comfort of your scent all day long, your dog will feel at ease having a part of you close by.

The WithMe Bone is only a concept product at this point and has not been proven to be effective. However, I think any dog owner who has struggled with the challenges of having a pet with separation anxiety issues can appreciate what the WithMe Bone is trying to accomplish. I think it’s a pretty solid idea and I’d love to try it out on my anxiety-ridden dog. Anything to keep him from crying when I leave would be amazing!