Here at Dog Milk we love a good dog toy — but you probably could have guessed that. The WO (like “whoa”) Disc and WO Bone, from Bozeman, MT’s WO Design, do so many of the things we love: they’re great for tossing, fetching, tugging, chewing, floating, and they’re BPA- and phthalate-free, too. What we really love here at Dog Milk, though, are good dog toys that are also good for the community, both local and global. WO Disc and WO Bone, which are made locally right there in Bozeman, are fully recyclable: in fact, when and if your pup’s ever finished with her WO toy, you can send it back to WO Design for it to be made into new toys! What’s more, WO Design was originally founded with a desire to serve those in need, specifically widows and orphans in Ethiopia. (That’s what the “W” and the “O” refer to.) Through WO’s partnership with an organization called Bring Love In, every WO toy sold provides two meals for widows and orphans in Ethiopia. As of fall 2016, WO Design had provided over 13,000 such meals to hungry women and children. We think that’s pretty amazing, and it’s definitely a mission we can sink our teeth into. You can find out more at WO Design.