If you’re connected with us on Facebook, you might remember that we posted there about the Yellow Dog Project a while back. The Yellow Dog Project is a brilliant campaign created to designate dogs who need a little more space when they’re out and about — dogs who are leash reactive, sick, elderly, recovering from surgery, or who maybe just don’t like other pups all up in their grille. The smart and simple idea is that dogs who need their space wear a yellow ribbon on their leash or collar — and if you and your dog see a pup sporting yellow ribbon, politely step away and give that pooch the space he needs.

Of course, this brilliant system only works if people know about it, so we’re stoked to see the Yellow Dog Project getting some attention in places like USA Today. Yellow Dog’s website has handy-handy fliers you can print to hand out (or tack up at local doggie hangouts) to help spread the word. Check ’em out!